Call for Submissions
Questions publishes philosophical work by and for young people. We welcome many types of submissions:
Photographs and drawings,
In addition, we welcome articles related to doing philosophy with young people, reviews of books and materials useful for doing the same, lesson plans (include description or transcripts of student responses), thought experiments to prompt reflection and discussion, transcripts of philosophy discussions, photographs of classroom discussions, etc.

We have closed submissions for the next issue but to tweak your interest, here are the themes we suggested for our September 2016 issue:
Our upcoming issue’s theme is Animals: Living together

We invited teachers and students to think about animals and our relationship with them:

• Why is the human species so fascinated with nonhuman species?
• Why do we care more about some animals than others?
• Should some animals be treated better than others?
• What is a pet?
• Do animals deserve the same respect and rights as humans?
• In what sense can we “know” nonhuman animals?
• Can we eat meat and still love animals?
• How do animal lifestyles, habitats, forms of communication, needs reflect and contrast with our own? What does this tell us about them and about ourselves?

Images—whether photographs, drawings, paintings—should be sent as JPEGS (with at least 300 dpi resolution). Written submissions should be sent in Word or Rich Text File formats (as doc, docx, or .rtf). Scholarly articles should confirm to the Chicago Manual of Style for textual and citation manners; please use endnotes rather than footnotes.
Be sure to include contact information with your submissions. A copyright release is needed for publication. All submissions should go to QuestionsJournal
Submissions for the next annual issue should be received by April 30, 2016. After initial review and editing, submissions will be blindly reviewed and selected by the larger editorial board.

Our 2017 issue theme will be Aesthetics. Check back here soon for more information.

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