Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice (P4)

About the P4 Journal


Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice (P4) publishes wide-ranging interdisciplinary work expanding the scope of precollege and public philosophy and its impact on education and public life, including its interaction with dialogue-based education, ethics education, and human development. An open-access, online, peer-reviewed journal, P4 features high-quality philosophical and empirical research and book reviews.

The journal welcomes submissions highlighting new approaches to this work, including relevant articles from the social sciences and other related fields.

P4 is is sponsored by PLATO, the Kegley Institute of Ethics, the Philosophy Documentation Center, and the Squire Family Foundation

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Editorial Board

Michael D. Burroughs, Founding Editor

Karen Emmerman, Associate Editor

Kris Phillips, Associate Editor

Kelly Laas, Managing Editor

Roberta Israeloff, Editorial Advisor


Research article and book review submissions are accepted for review year round.

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