About Partner Organizations

PLATO Partner Organizations are involved in philosophical education in the United States. The missions of Partner Organizations align with PLATO’s mission of enhancing and expanding philosophy education beyond the academy.


PLATO Partner Organization status requires that the organization be a PLATO Institutional Member. Institutional membership is $200 annually. It is not sufficient that a staff member is an individual PLATO member.

Partner Organization Benefits

All Partner Organizations received the following benefits:



  • Becoming part of the national precollege philosophical community.
  • Sharing lesson plans and other teaching materials with colleagues (through the PLATO website and listserv, newsletters, and PLATO-sponsored conferences).


  • Paid staff members of Partner Organizations receive discounts at all institutes, conferences, and other trainings in pre-college philosophy offered by PLATO, as well as discounts at conferences offered by the American Association of Philosophy Teachers.


  • Access to a membership list of teachers, philosophers, and others teaching philosophy in precollege classrooms.
  • Paid staff members of Partner Organization have online access to over 4,500 articles, reviews, and other documents from 10 publications, including:
    • Demonstrating Philosophy (anthology), 1988
    • Questions: Philosophy for Young People, Volume 1 (2001) to the present
    • Teaching New Histories of Philosophy (conference proceeding), 2004
    • Teaching Philosophy, Volume 1 (1975) to the present
    • Teaching Philosophy Today (anthology, 2nd edition), 2012
    • The Journal of Pre-College Philosophy, Volumes 1-2 (1975-1977)
    • The Journal of Critical Analysis, Volumes 1-9 (1969-1992)

NOTE: If the Partner Organization is part of a college or university, staff member access to publications remains through the university network and not through PLATO membership.

Become a PLATO Partner Organization

Step 1:

To apply to become a PLATO Partner Organization, please make sure your organization is an Institutional Member, and submit the Partner Organization Application.


Step 2:

Application for Partnership Organization Status

Current PLATO Partners