Squire Family Foundation

Squire Family Foundation

The Squire Family Foundation was established in 2007 by Gary Squire, a Washington DC attorney and businessman. It is a living tribute to his philosophy professors who introduced him to a discipline he’d never encountered until college and helped him appreciate how a philosophical perspective could enhance his life, both personally and professionally.

SFF co-founded two national organizations: PLATO in 2012 and the National High School Ethics Bowl in 2010.

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Our Mission

The goal of the Foundation is to introduce philosophic habits of mind to young students, habits that will be helpful in their lives whatever path they take. Philosophy nurtures systematic reflection; hones critical thinking, writing, and listening skills; encourages us to ask questions and question our answers; and sharpens our ability to detect logical fallacies. It also whets our appreciation for complexity and for considering different points of view.

Meet Our Team
  • Gary Squire, Founder and Principal Officer
  • Roberta Israeloff, Executive Director

Roberta Israeloff has served in PLATO’s leadership since its founding. She co-edited Philosophy and Education: Introducing Philosophy to Young People, and serves on the editorial board of Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice. She has published numerous essays, short stories, book reviews, and books including, most recently, The Ethics Bowl Way: Answering Questions, Questioning Answers, and Creating Ethical Communities (edited with Karen Mizell).

Supporting Philosophy in Education

The Squire Family Foundation funded an Introduction to Philosophy curriculum created by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth.

This user-friendly curriculum covers all the major topics in philosophy, and is suitable for a high school or advanced middle school class.

Each self-contained module includes lesson plans, suggested readings, discussion questions and study guides – click below to access them.

Squire Family Foundation
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