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The PLATO Philosopher’s Toolkit is an online database of resources for teachers who are seeking lesson plans and ideas for bringing philosophy into their classrooms. This page is specifically for people who wants to submit a lesson plan for review by PLATO for potential use on the site. Currently this database is a free service, so we cannot offer compensation, but can offer a digital “shout-out” to you and your school or organization for any contributions you make to the Toolkit that we choose to publish. PLATO reviews all toolkit submissions to ensure that the resources in the toolkit align with the organizational mission, vision, and quality. Upon submitting a tool to PLATO, you will be contacted about the status of the review process and notified if your tool is used in the toolkit.

Toolkit Submission Form

Use this form to submit your addition to the Philosopher's Toolkit

Watch This Video First


If the Toolkit is unfamiliar to you, we highly recommend reading through the following “toggled” sections.

Featured Image

The Featured Image is the small graphic that will be displayed next to your Toolkit submission in the Database. If you leave this blank, we’ll likely fill it in with one of our custom icons; but feel free to choose an image that you feel appropriately represents your lesson plan and we’ll consider it!

Categorization & Grade Level

Please select one or more categories your Toolkit Submission falls into. Don’t worry about getting it exactly right. If our experts feel they need to make changes, they will have that opportunity before your submission becomes part of the toolkit.

Grade Level:

You may select as many as are appropriate. Again, the PLATO Education Committee reserves the right to alter your responses as they see fit.

'Timeline' through 'File Upload'

This toggled section describes how to enter information for the Timeline, Contributed by, Author Affiliation, Video Embed and PDF File Upload sections in the submission form.

For these simple sections all you need to do is:

    • Timeline: What is the proposed timeline for your lesson plan? A class period? An hour? A week’s worth of classes? An estimate is fine. Remember the lesson plans are meant to inspire teachers, not provide them with a step-by-step formula.
    • Contributed By: This is you, of course! First and last name please!
    • Author Affiliation: Would you like us to give your organization/school a shout out? If so, input your affiliation here
    • Video Embed: Optional Video – you can paste in the embed code for any YouTube or Vimeo video here and it will automatically be inserted into your Tool once/if it goes live (upon approval by PLATO)
    • PDF File Upload: If your lesson plan has an associated PDF file or if you have any supporting document in PDF form, you may upload a single PDF here!

Repeater Fields:

Topics, Learning Objectives, Discussion Questions, & Quiz Questions

The repeater fields you’ll notice all have a blue button called “add entry” next to them. Each time you add a new topic, learning objective, discussion question and/or quiz question, you need to click the “add entry” button on the right. Upon doing so, you’ll see your entry appear beneath the input field. Simultaneously, you’ll notice the input field where you entered information previously will once again be blank and ready for more input! If you have any trouble with the repeater fields, please contact us (info@plato-philosophy.org) and we’ll do our best to provide timely assistance.

Thank You!

Your submitted lesson plan to the PLATO Philosopher’s Toolkit means a lot to us! We will do our best to review your submissions in a timely manner and let you know if your lesson plan is added to our toolkit.