Activity: Create Your House

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Area: History and Social Studies
Grade Level: High School & Beyond, Middle School, Primary/Elementary School
Topics: Identity, Relationships
Estimated Time Necessary: 45 minutes or longer if you have time

Lesson Plan

To think about identity, values, and relationships.
This activity enables students to to think together about identity, values, and relationships with the people and things they love. It will also encourage students to think about what traits define them.

If you have time, this lesson will work best over a few sessions so the students have time to work on their artwork for as long as they wish.


Optional: One pre-prepared outline of a house for each student. You can use pre-prepared house outlines or have students draw their own houses from scratch.

Supplies for students to decorate and create their houses.

Warm-up Questions:

  • What are the most important things in your life?
  • What are the most important things about yourself?


  • Hand out prepared house outlines and have students create their own house that represents themselves in some way.
  • Things they might wish to include are:
    • Representations of things they love
    • Representations of things they value
    • Representations of how they think
    • Representations of what they wish for

Sharing & Discussion:

Students can break into small groups and choose to share their house if they want. If they do not want to share their house, they can share one thing that they think makes them themself.

After small group discussions, gather together again and share if they discovered anything new about themselves from the activity. Students can share their art with the whole group if they would like.

This lesson plan was contributed by: Ruby Higashi, University of Washington.