We are launching a new blog on the PLATO website this month. It will offer a variety of post from teachers, philosophers, graduate students and others involved in PLATO, presenting their ideas for lessons plans, evaluation and assessment tools, thoughts about teaching philosophy to young people, examples of projects and activities, etc.

Upcoming Posts Include:

  • A new philosophy outreach program 
  • A lesson plan on affirmative action
  • Philosophy games
  • Books for philosophy sessions with children
  • Teaching and evaluation in a high school course

Hope you all enjoy the blog! Please send comments and ideas to info@plato-philosophy.org

Best wishes,
Jana Mohr Lone



Jana Mohr Lone is the president of PLATO and the director of the University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children. Since 1995 she has taught philosophy to K-12 students in Seattle and run programs to introduce teachers, parents, grandparents, college and graduate students and others to methods for bringing philosophy into young people’s lives. She is the author of The Philosophical Child, a book for teachers, parents, grandparents, and others about having philosophical exchanges with children. She co-edited, with Roberta Israeloff, the book Philosophy and Education: Introducing Philosophy to Young People, and writes the blog Wondering Aloud: Philosophy with Young People.

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