Topic: social and political


Screengrab from the Pixar animated film "Piper" featuring a very small and cute bird sticking its head out of the sand

This lesson plan can be used either in a classroom or online. Plot Summary: In the short Pixar film, Piper, an adult sanderling bird encourages their baby to join the other birds in finding food along the beach as the waves roll in and out. The baby bird bravely rushes forward only to find their Piper

Partly Cloudy

Illustration from the short film "Partly Cloudy" that features a puffy cloud with arms and a smiling face

Plot Summary: In the animated short film “Partly Cloudy,” storks deliver adorable infants of all kinds to homes. We discover that these infants are made by delightful, puffy, and cheerful clouds who work in partnership with their designated delivery stork. One cloud who is less cheerful and “partly cloudy” makes the pricklier infants (alligators, sharks, porcupines, Partly Cloudy