Topic: philosophy of mind

Thinking about Imaginary Friends

This is an activity that works best with younger children (7-8 years old is ideal). There are several books that can prompt thinking about imaginary friends. You might try: These books can be used alone or one after another for a series of conversations about imaginary friends. You can read the book(s) and then ask Thinking about Imaginary Friends

Mind Games

Illustration from Jiaqi Emily Yan's animated short film "Mind Games" featuring a pink brain coloring on the sidewalk

This lesson can be used either in a classroom or online.  Plot Summary: In Jiaqi Emily Yan’s animated short “Mind Games,” a child sits bored at a school desk, trying to focus on classwork. Their brain jumps out of their head, stuffs it with books, and heads outside to play while the child robotically regurgitates Mind Games

Knuffle Bunny Charades Activity

This activity is an excellent accompaniment to our book-based Knuffle Bunny lesson plan. Activity: Charades! “Does everybody know how the game of charades is played? Explain it for those who do not know. Model Charades if need be with the example “driving a car” You may use teams to provide a reward incentive to the winning Knuffle Bunny Charades Activity