Topic: personal identity

Identity Activity: What makes you, you?

ship landed on icy covered land

Materials needed: Lesson plan (warm-ups, story, and game) Space for participants to form opposing groups Description: Before presenting participants with the thought experiment, engage them in at least one warm-up. For first time philosophers and/or for longer class periods, warm-up using the “Philosophy Warm-Up” prompts. If the group has already developed basic ideas about the Identity Activity: What makes you, you?

Identity & Essence Lego Activity

Legos stuck on to Child's face

Materials Needed: Legos (the more the better) Something on which to display/write out class thoughts (chalkboard, whiteboard, SMARTboard) Camera (optional) Preparation: Have Legos divided up according to how groups will be organized, e.g. in separate piles or in one large pile. Description: 1. (Optional) Warm up and get a sense of our intuitions about the Identity & Essence Lego Activity

Can We be Authentic in Everyday Life?

“Republic of Silence,” by Jean-Paul Sartre Jean-Paul Sartre came to define post-war Existentialism.  In this prominent editorial published shortly after the occupation ended, Sartre articulates both the context to his views and the suggestion that everyday life may present even more challenges to real “Existential Choice.”  After watching this short video, read the essay and Can We be Authentic in Everyday Life?