Topic: meaning of life

What is Happiness?

Ask the students to rank, from 1 to 8, the following activities according to how important they think each is for their happiness (1 is the most important on the list and 8 is the least important on the list). It can be helpful to prepare this list before the session and make a copy What is Happiness?

What is Your Hope?

This lesson can be used either in a classroom or online. Description: A Missouri middle school put the question “What is your hope?” on a chalkboard outside school before people arrived. They made a video of the ways students and teachers responded to the question. For this session, you can begin with the video (available What is Your Hope?

Mind Games

Illustration from Jiaqi Emily Yan's animated short film "Mind Games" featuring a pink brain coloring on the sidewalk

This lesson can be used either in a classroom or online.  Plot Summary: In Jiaqi Emily Yan’s animated short “Mind Games,” a child sits bored at a school desk, trying to focus on classwork. Their brain jumps out of their head, stuffs it with books, and heads outside to play while the child robotically regurgitates Mind Games