Topic: logic

Logic Charades

Photograph of a young woman speaking to a group out of frame. She is pointing to her chest while she makes a point. Two other young women are seated next to her and watch her speak.

High school logic lesson in which students identify the premises and conclusions of arguments. Then they creatively enact their own deductive arguments.

Convince your Teacher/Principal

teacher in classroom in front of students

Introduction What is an argument? An argument consists of a set of reasons that are given with the intention of persuading someone else that a particular action or idea is right or wrong, good or bad, desirable or undesirable, etc. It is a method of trying to convince another person (or persons) that your position Convince your Teacher/Principal

Activity: Keep the Question Going


This game involves students generating questions collaboratively. The exercise runs easily for about ten minutes and can go for a half hour or more with discussion. It is often a good exercise to use early in the year, as it helps students listen to each other and gets them thinking about what makes a question Activity: Keep the Question Going