Topic: Language

Introduction to Paradoxes: Superhero, Sorites, and Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox

Introduction to Lesson: Today we are going to talk about paradoxes, and we are going to discuss some examples together.   First, what is a paradox? Has anyone heard of paradoxes before? [Invite student responses]. A paradox is a special type of puzzle or riddle. It’s when two things seem to be true at the Introduction to Paradoxes: Superhero, Sorites, and Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox

Activity: Language Game

Materials Needed (samples are available in the lesson plan attachment above): Pre-prepared cards with simple pictures on them Pre-prepared sentences to give to students Blank paper cut into card-shape sizes or blank index cards Warm-Up Activity: Write a sentence on the board that can have two different meanings. For example: “They don’t know how good Activity: Language Game

Going Philosophical with Shapes

Lesson Summary: Students will work with partners to draw an irregular shape described they their partners through writing. Students will raise questions about the process and outcome of this activity for philosophical discussion. Activity: One student will use their partner’s directions to draw an unfamiliar shape. Students will compare the drawn shape to the picture Going Philosophical with Shapes

Is it Dessert?

Half an orange and whole orange

Using whatever piece of fruit you have available, ask if that fruit is dessert. With this simple prompt, a rich discussion about the nature of dessert will develop. Is anything you eat after a meal dessert? Is it dessert if you ate it without eating a meal first? Can it be dessert if it is Is it Dessert?

Does Grammar Matter?

stack of English grammar books

Lesson Overview Has anyone ever corrected you on your grammar? In this lesson, teachers will encourage students to explore their use of grammar. We all use it, but why does it matter? In looking further into their grammar use, students will consider the role that grammar plays in different people’s lives. This lesson breaks down Does Grammar Matter?

The Emoticon Game

Yellow smiley face

Materials needed: Pictures of WhatsApp or other sets of emoticons.  Description: Students will be presented with a situation where they have to select three emoticons that would most likely be their reactions to a given situation. They now have to finalize one emoticon out of the three narrowed down; while doing so, they have to The Emoticon Game