Topic: friendship

Mr. Brown’s Precepts

Cover of book Wonder. Illustration of face with only one eye on it and word wonder above the eye

Many 4th, 5th, and 6th graders have read the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio and will be familiar with Mr. Brown’s monthly precepts. These are inspirational sayings the teacher, Mr. Brown, puts on his board monthly for his students. For example, the precept for September is “When given a choice between being right or being Mr. Brown’s Precepts

Thinking about Imaginary Friends

This is an activity that works best with younger children (7-8 years old is ideal). There are several books that can prompt thinking about imaginary friends. You might try: These books can be used alone or one after another for a series of conversations about imaginary friends. You can read the book(s) and then ask Thinking about Imaginary Friends

Partly Cloudy

Illustration from the short film "Partly Cloudy" that features a puffy cloud with arms and a smiling face

Plot Summary: In the animated short film “Partly Cloudy,” storks deliver adorable infants of all kinds to homes. We discover that these infants are made by delightful, puffy, and cheerful clouds who work in partnership with their designated delivery stork. One cloud who is less cheerful and “partly cloudy” makes the pricklier infants (alligators, sharks, porcupines, Partly Cloudy

Joy and Heron

“Joy and Heron,” Animated Short Film by Passion Pictures This lesson plan can be used either in a classroom or online. Plot Summary: In this short, animated film a fisherman sails out with his enthusiastic dog. They are quickly joined by a heron, who lands on the boat. At first, the dog and the heron Joy and Heron

For the Birds

Plot Summary: In this short Pixar film, several small birds land on a telephone wire and commence chattering and annoying one another. When a large bird lands nearby and seeks out their company, the smaller birds stop their bickering and turn as one against the large bird. Their attempts to make him leave their wire For the Birds

On Friendship

child-like drawing of a girl and boy

Materials needed Index cards Whiteboard and several different colored dry erase markers   Description Pass out one index card to each student. Instruct the students to draw, without using representations of people (including stick figures, faces, and the like), a creative representation of a good friendship. Have the students then discuss their drawings in small On Friendship

Ethical Dilemmas

Four Ethical Dilemmas Lying: A girl is taken to a carnival by her dad. It is her tenth birthday and he’s promised her that she can choose any 5 rides. But as they approach the gate, he discovers that he’s forgotten his wallet. This is the last day of the carnival and it’s too far Ethical Dilemmas