Topic: diversity

Justice and Utopia

Black and white woodcut print of a map of Thomas More's "Utopia" featuring large ship sailing around the edges of the island. On the island, there are several 16th-century buildings. In the lower corners of the image, two men dressed in 16th-century clothes talk to one another.

Students engage with the ‘Ring of Gyges’ story from Plato’s Republic and John Rawls’ concept of the ‘veil of ignorance’ to examine how a just society might be organized.


row of 5 paper dolls

Materials needed Plenty of paper Several sets of 5 different colored pencils or markers Timer Warm-Up Activity: Ask your students to think about how they define a stereotype. Work in small groups to come up with a basic definition. Have your students write this definition down. After small group discussion, write each group’s definition on Stereotyping