Topic: deontology

Trolley Problem Ethics

trolley car

See the Lesson Attachment link above for a PDF of this lesson plan. Stimulus: Introduce Scenario 1:1 1:1: You are a train driver. As you are driving you look ahead and see 5 people trapped on the tracks. There is no way that you will be able to stop the train before running them over Trolley Problem Ethics

Trolley Problem Ethics, Part 2

trolley car

This lesson plan can be used to expand on the thinking undertaken in the “Trolley Problem Ethics” lesson. It is accessible using the Lesson Attachment above.

Moral Spectrum Exploration Exercise

Photograph of a spectrum from good to evil to illustrate the idea of a "Moral Spectrum"

The Moral Spectrum Exercise In this exercise, students are introduced to “the moral spectrum”—seven different perspectives on the right thing to do, seven different questions to ask themselves to determine whether a particular course of action is right or wrong. These questions are drawn from the dominant moral theories in Western philosophy over the past Moral Spectrum Exploration Exercise