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Crash: An Ethical Obstacle Course

Crash, directed by Paul Haggis, weaves together the lives of several characters from multiple backgrounds who collide in the  busy, often chaotic city of Los Angeles.   The movie revolves around a dozen or so characters from various ethnic, racial, and

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Are we in control? Hegel’s Lordship & Bondage

Quite often we find ourselves in situations where we know we are not in control, such as being a student, or having a job, or being bullied. The most important factor in this is the perspective you as an individual

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The Gaze: Power and Resistance in Flim

The Gaze: Power and Resistance in Film Read “The Oppositional Gaze” for homework the day before class.  It’s fairly long ad challenging.  Watch the 19 minute film.  This material explores the way what Sartre calls “The Gaze” operates in films,

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Can anyone make art?

In 2007 an independent film came out entitled “My Kid could paint that.”  It followed the art career of a four year old, Marla Olmstead,  living in Binghamton, NY who took the art world by storm.  Many of her canvases

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Teaching Ethics with Crimes & Misdemeanors: The Ring of Gyges

In Plato’s Republic, Glaucon, Plato’s elder brother, tell a story about a shepherd who discovers a ring that makes him invisible. Setting aside past loyalty, once he figures out how to use the ring, the shepherd Gyges doesn’t hesitate to

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