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Snooping Around Snopes: Assessing Assessments of Fake News has become an indispensable and entertaining site for assessing the status of the urban legends and fake news stories that fascinate us.   Any teacher or parent of high school students in the early fall of 2016 had to

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Truth, Lies and Bullshit

Part 1: What is the difference between Truth, a Lie and Bullshit? Students should begin by writing brief definitions of these words –> WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?  TRUTH, LIE, SATIRE/ JOKE, FICTION, MISTAKE, BULLSHIT (or, politely, BS) After 10 minutes, discuss how these concepts overlap

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Additional Resources

Center for Talented Youth and Other Curricula of Note: Teaching and Learning Resources: High School Ethics Bowl Case Archives: 2016-17 Regional High School Ethics Bowl Case Set:    

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ETHICS BOWL: Case archive: 2016-17 Ethics Bowl Cases:   Squire Family Foundation Resources: Center for Talented Youth:   PACTISS (Australian Philosophy in Senior Schools Resource):  

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