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The Cultivation of Philosophical Sensitivity
Author: Jana Mohr Lone - University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children

Philosophy in the Round and the Ethics Bowl
Author: Joseph Murphy - Dwight-Englewood School, NJ

A Modular Curriculum for Introducing Philosophy to Pre-college Students
Author: Stuart Gluck - Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University

Service Learning and Philosophy
Author: David Concepcion - Ball State University

Opening Teacher and Student Minds: Thinking and Connecting with Middle School Students through Philosophical Inquiry
Author: Jean Hanson - Seattle Middle School

Open Minds: Using Partnerships between Philosophers, Harvard University, and Local Schools to Rediscover the Purpose of Education
Author: Brian Wood - Harvard University

Bringing Pre-College Philosophy Online at UNC-Chapel Hill
Author: Michael Dean Burroughs - University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Reflections on Assessment
Author: Steve Goldberg - Oak Park River Forest High School
Chair: Sara Goering (University of Washington)

Notes on “Thinking Through Aristotle in Clackmannanshire and Texas”
Author: Carol Gardosik - Sam Houston State University

Assessing an Elementary School Philosophy Program
Author: Thomas E. Wartenberg - Mt. Holyoke College

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