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Eighteenth-Century Resources
Has links to wide range of philosophy sites that deal with 18th-century philosophy. Useful for teachers for its specific historical period.

Must be member (free) to access everything. Includes news, forums, links, and groups. Useful for teachers for in keeping up-to-date.

EpistemeLinks: Philosophy Resources on the Internet
Over 16,000 links. Categories include philosophers, time periods, subjects, schools and traditions, practicing philosophy, references, books/media publishing, academics, miscellaneous, and special features. One of the first places to go to for research. Useful for students and teachers.

Erratic Impact’s Philosophy Research Base
Lots of links, some for purchase of books. Fairly extensive.

A research and collaboration website designed to provide resources for research and teaching in the field of ethics. Collection of ethics materials including resources for research, group discussions, as well as current news articles and lists of upcoming events.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Useful for students and teachers. Alphabetical index of philosophers, terms, branches, schools of thought, etc. Great starter for research or background information. Articles are short and informative.

Plato Society website
This site offers material and links on Plato’s works. A great resource for anyone who would like to work with the Platonic dialogues.

Pragmatism Cybrary
Devoted to the study of Pragmatism, this is basically a link site that includes many great links. Very useful for teachers, and possibly students, who are studying this school of thought.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Alphabetical entries on philosophers, terms, etc. Very useful for students and teachers. Articles can be fairly lengthy — great for research.

Teaching Philosophy 101
John Immerwahr of Villanova has created an excellent website for teaching philosophy. Although designed with the college instructor in mind, there are numerous resources that would be quite use for high school intructors.

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