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Philosophy and Education Program, Teacher’s College, Columbia University
Author: Megan Laverty - Teacher's College, Columbia University
The Philosophy and Education Program offers experience through the Philosophy Outreach Program. It also offers courses that address philosophy of childhood, children's rights and philosophy for/with children. It awards a variety of degrees.

Other Links: Columbia Philosophy Outreach, Philosophy & Education Program

Philosophy, University of Washington
Author: Jana Mohr Lone - University of Washington
The University of Washington has a graduate fellowship program in philosophy for children run by the Center for Philosophy for Children. Fellows come from either the Department of Philosophy or the College of Education. The Center is in the process of developing a graduate certificate in philosophy for children, which will be housed in the Department of Philosophy and will include graduate courses in the Department of Philosophy and the College of Education, and which is expected to be in place next year (2018-2019). UW has four courses in philosophy for children, including one graduate seminar.

Other Links: UW Center for Philosophy for Children, UW Graduate Fellowships

Philosophy, University of Texas A&M
Author: Claire Katz - University of Texas A&M
Although Texas A&M Philosophy does not have an explicit program in Philosophy for Children, we do offer a PhD program in a department that is pluralist with faculty members who teach and conduct research in American philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Moral philosophy, and Philosophy for Children. We are in the process of developing graduate courses specifically in philosophy for children and we have launched a robust philosophy for children program: educators workshops, philosophy summer camp for teens, and philosophy in the local schools.  Several faculty members have a close working relationship with colleagues in the College of Education.  

Uehiro Academy, University of Hawai’i
Author: Chad Miller - University of Hawai’i
The University of Hawai'i Uehiro Academy’s initiatives in higher education focus on courses at the University to enhance understanding of p4c Hawai’i and the theoretical and applied aspects of the approach. Philosophy with Children (PHIL 492) serves as an introductory course to philosophy for children Hawai‘i and examines the theory and practice of doing philosophy in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. Teaching Philosophy (PHIL 493) is a supervised practicum in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms for students who wish to learn how to facilitate philosophical inquiry with students. Philosophy of Childhood (PHIL 725) is a graduate level course focusing on the conceptual interrelations among philosophy, childhood and education. PHIL 699 is a directed readings course on specific topics related to both the theory and practice of p4c Hawai’i.

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Center for Public Philosophy, University of California-Santa Cruz
Author: Kyle Robertson - UCSC
We have opportunities at the Center for graduate students, and undergrads, to work in our public philosophy initiatives. These include a philosophy program in two local elementary schools, working with high school ethics bowl students, working with incarcerated students, among other programs. We hope to build a concentration in public philosophy for graduate students here, and we have had some discussions and planning around this goal, but nothing to offer students yet. Philosophy with children would, of course, be a public philosophy focus students could pursue.

Other Links: Center for Public Philosophy

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