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Daily Nous
Author: Justin Weinberg - University of South Carolina
This is a news site that features articles on philosophy.

Wondering Aloud: Philosophy with Young People
Author: Jana Mohr Lone - University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children
Jana Mohr Lone, director of the University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children, writes a blog about doing philosophy with young people, including posts about philosophy classes with pre-college students and ideas for how to introduce philosophy in schools and with your own children.

Philosophy of Childhood
Author: David Kennedy - Montclair State University
Philosophy of childhood may be thought of as a sub-region of the philosophy of persons. It emerges at a moment in the history of the field when the critique of Western metaphysics is paralleled by the critique of white adult male hegemony in the philosophical tradition, and an opening to "voices from the margins," including those of women and of non-Western forms of knowledge, and tends to fall within two realms of discourse.

The Philosophical Student
A blog supported by the Squire Family Foundation where pre-college, college and graduate students and their teachers and professors, as well as parents, school administrators and all those interested in philosophy, can meet to discuss philosophical issues. It is run in cooperation with Craig Merow’s bioethics class at the Germantown Academy in Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania.

MG Philosophy 2009-2010
This blog is the public space for students in the Mt. Greylock Regional High School Introduction to Philosophy course to interact, critique, challenge, defend, refine, and think out loud, hosted by teacher Gerol Petruzella.

Blog Philos
Author: Michael Burroughs
Join teacher Michael Burroughs and his philosophy class at Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis TN as they blog about philosophy.

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