The Table Where Rich People Sit

Author: Byrd Baylor
Plot Summary: This story is about a girl coming to understand how her parents believe themselves to be rich. This girl is also the narrator of the story. She calls a meeting where she asks her parents to tell her what their income is with a number. Her parents explain to her that they don't just take their pay in cash but also in the joy they get from the kind of work that they do. The girl then asks them to qualify each of those things they love about the kind of work they choose to do. They then add up each of the aspects of the way they live 5 and 10,000 dollars at a time. In the end the girl decides that cash doesn't belong on the same list as these valuable experineces.
Posted In: Ethics

Discussion Questions
  • What can it mean to be rich?
  • In an ideal world how would you like to live to be the most rich?
  • what does it mean to love something?
  • What things would you put on your list?
  • What things are more import to you?
  • What things are most important to your family?

Contributed by Thomas Soltman