Author: Janell Cannon
Plot Summary: This is the story of a young fruit bat who becomes separated from her mother and lands in a nest of baby birds, becoming an adoptive member of the bird family. The baby bat learns to act like a baby bird and struggles to accommodate to the family, but she never completely fits in. Eventually she is able to regain her identity as a bat, and she and her bird friends wonder together about friendship and being alike and different at the same time.
Posted In: Ethics, Metaphysics

Discussion Questions


  • Duck a duck?
  • Cat a cat?
  • Man a man?
  • Woman a woman?
  • Parent a parent?
  • Car a car?
  • Bird a bird?
  • Smile a smile?
  • Feeling a feeling?
  • Thought a thought?


  • What does a kite need to fly?
  • What does a tree need to grow?
  • What does a car need to drive?
  • What does a bat need to fly?
  • What does a person need to live?
  • What does a person need to be happy?
  • What does a person need to dream at night?


  • A duck catch mice?
  • A bat write a letter?
  • A television eat grass?
  • A person fly?
  • A dog purr?
  • A teddy bear talk?
  • A person turn into a lion?
  • A painter plant a garden?
  • A child drive a car?
  • A doctor play the piano?
  • A book talk to you?


  • What is friendship?
  • Can you be friends with any of the following?
    • The moon.
    • A car.
    • A stone.
    • A pair of shoes.
    • A book.
    • A movie.
    • A cat.
    • A plant.
    • A bird.
    • A house.
    • A piece of land.
    • An idea.
    • A dream.
    • A song.
    • A painting.
    • A tree.
    • A parent.
  • What is a friend?
  • If someone is a friend, is the following true?
    • I play with him or her a lot.
    • I talk to him or her a lot.
    • We share thoughts with each other.
    • We share feelings with each other.
    • I share my toys with him or her.
    • I like him or her.
    • I want to be near him or her.
    • We help each other.
    • They think that I am their friend.