The Pout-Pout Fish

Author: Deborah Diesen
Plot Summary: Pout-Pout Fish with his ever-present pout believes that it is his destiny to “spread the dreary-wearies all over the place.” He encounters a myriad of ocean friends who tell him in different ways to cheer up. He is not convinced, until he meets a shining purple fish who, instead of words, gives him a kiss. The changed fish now believes his duty is to spread “cheery-cheeries” to the world.
Posted In: Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Childhood

Discussion Questions
  • How is one destined to be glum or happy? Is there destiny?
  • Why do people feel so uncomfortable around an unhappy person?
  • Is it wrong to be gloomy? Does one have the right to be unhappy?
  • How does the kiss help Pout-Pout Fish to become cheerful?
  • Is it okay to kiss someone you don’t know?

Contributed by Lan Nguyen