The Paperbag Princess

Author: Robert Munsch
Plot Summary: The Princess Elizabeth is slated to marry Prince Ronald when a dragon attacks the castle and kidnaps Ronald. In resourceful and humorous fashion, Elizabeth finds the dragon, outsmarts him, and rescues Ronald--who is less than pleased at her un-princess-like appearance.
Posted In: Ethics, Feminism, Social and Political Philosophy

Discussion Questions
  • Why does the story tell us that Elizabeth wore “expensive princess clothes?”
  • Does being a princess depend on wearing certain clothes or looking a certain way?
  • Why does Elizabeth chase the dragon?
  • Is Elizabeth brave?
  • How does Elizabeth save Ronald?
  • Why doesn’t Ronald thank Elizabeth? Should he?
  • Does Ronald expect certain things of Elizabeth because she is a princess? Because she is female?
  • What does Elizabeth mean when she tells Ronald he is a bum?
  • Does Ronald act like a prince? Does Elizabeth act like a princess?
  • Does Elizabeth “live happily ever after” without marrying Ronald?