Author: Christine Baldacchino
Plot Summary: Morris Micklewhite likes school because he can paint and sing and do puzzles. Also at school Morris likes to play in the dress-up center where he likes to wear a tangerine-colored dress. His classmates make fun of him and exclude him from games because of the dress. All week, Morris’ classmates tell him dresses are not for boys and don’t let Morris play with them. At home, Morris has a dream that inspires him and he recreates the dream as a painting where he is riding an elephant in space, while wearing the tangerine dress. Morris brings the painting with him to school and his classmates are drawn to play with Morris because of his beautiful painting. In the end, Morris regains confidence in himself and his classmates learn to accept him as he is.
Posted In: Ethics

Discussion Questions
  • Why do the children make fun of Morris? Is this right?
  • Why do Morris’ classmates think dresses are for girls?
  • Can anything be just for boys? Can anything be just for girls?
  • How does Morris’ dream help him be more confident?
  • How can creativity influence change?
  • Can imagination solve problems?
  • Is it okay to be different?
  • What makes someone who they are? Can someone change who they are?

Contributed by Natalie Janson