Author: Kate Hosford with illustrations by Gabi Swiatkowska
Plot Summary: A young girl, Uma, looks up into the night sky and begins to wonder about infinity. She starts to feel “very, very small.” Uma then begins to ask people how they imagine infinity, and receives a wide range of responses, such as “a giant number that keeps growing bigger and bigger forever”; a family, which could “go on forever”. She notices that it’s hard to talk about infinity without mentioning “forever,” and wonders if there is anything she would like to do forever. Uma considers having recess forever, but then questions whether, if there’s no school before or after recess, it would still be recess. In the end, she stares at the night sky while snuggled next to her grandmother, and she observes that the sky didn’t seem as “huge and cold” anymore.
Posted In: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science

Discussion Questions
  • Is it possible to conceive of infinity?
  • How do you imagine infinity?
  • Is there anything you would like to do forever?
  • Would recess still be recess if it never ended?
  • Is infinity important?
  • Could there be different sizes of infinity? Could there be infinite definitions?
  • Is there more than one definition of infinity? Could there be infinite definitions?
  • Why do some experiences feel one way when alone and differently when shared with another person?

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