Author: Eric Carle
Plot Summary: A little frog is having a birthday party and he wants to invite his friends, Red Fox, Purple Butterfly, Orange Cat, Green Snake, Yellow Bird, Blue Fish, and White Dog with Black Spots. However, when the guests arrive, for Mama Frog, Red Fox looks green, Purple Butterfly looks yellow, and so on. What is going on? Little Frog helps Mama Frog to see the guests differently.
Posted In: Aesthetics, Metaphysics

Discussion Questions
  • Why do we perceive colors the way we do?
  • Why is red red? Green? Yellow? Black? White?
  • Who do you think is seeing the party guests correctly, Mama Frog or Little Frog? Why?
  • How can we be sure that the colors that we are seeing are the correct ones?
  • How can we be sure that anything we perceive is the way the world actually looks without us looking at it
  • If something is red, can it also be blue? Can it be pink? Maroon?
  • What would it be like to change colors? Would you feel different each time you turned a new color?
  • Is color real?
  • Are there things that have no color? If yes, give an example.
  • Are there things that have many colors? If yes, give an example.