Author: Dr. Seuss
Plot Summary: Sam-I-Am is trying to persuade the narrator to eat green eggs and ham by offering it to him in different scenarios. But he repeatedly denies Sam's offers, saying he doesn’t like it. Eventually, Sam's persistence wins him over and he tries and enjoys green eggs and ham.
Posted In: Epistemology

Discussion Questions
  • Give an example of a food that you don’t like. Why don’t you like it?
  • Can you dislike a food you’ve never eaten?
  • If you’ve eaten something once, can you dislike it years later without ever trying it again?
  • How many times do we have to experience something to be sure about our opinion about that thing?
  • Can we have an opinion on something we have never experienced?
  • Can we base an opinion on what someone else tells us?
  • Do we sometimes change our minds about what we like? What leads us to do so?
  • Is Sam-I-Am wrong to suggest so many times that the other character try green eggs and ham? When does trying to share something with someone become an annoyance or too intrusive?