Author: Arnold Lobel
Plot Summary: Toad dreams that he is on stage, doing amazing performances, while Frog sits in the audience. With each new feat, Toad asks Frog if he can do that, and Frog seems to get a little smaller, until he disappears altogether. Then Toad realizes how lonely he will be without Frog, and wakes up, only to discover the real Frog right next to him.
Posted In: Epistemology, Ethics, Metaphysics

Discussion Questions
  • Do dreams sometimes seem very realistic? When you are in the middle of such a dream, can you tell that it is only a dream? Can you be sure that you are not dreaming right now?
  • Where do you think your dreams come from? When you remember your dreams, do they sometimes affect what you do when you’re awake?
  • Can you make a person feel smaller just by bragging about what you can do? Why would the person feel smaller? Is it good to tell your friends about all the good things that happen to you, or that you can do, or is that bragging? Is bragging bad? If so, why?
  • What’s the difference between sharing good news and bragging?