Author: Arnold Lobel
Plot Summary: Frog and Toad wonder if they are brave like the characters in the book they are reading. They decide to find out by facing a series of challenges (climbing a mountain, escaping snake and hawk attacks, and running away from an avalanche). Hiding and running away, after each encounter they shout, “We are not afraid?” After the final challenge, Frog and Toad run back to Toad’s house and hide in the closet under the covers. They comment that they are each glad that they know such a brave person like the other. They then hide in the house for a while just feeling brave together.
Posted In: Ethics

Discussion Questions
  • Are Frog and Toad brave?
  • Frog says trying to climb a mountain should tell them whether they’re brave. Does doing something hard show that you are brave? How?
  • Does doing something that is dangerous show you are brave? What if someone made you do it?
  • Is it brave to do any of the following?
    • Save someone’s life?
    • Try something new.
    • Run away from something dangerous.
    • Eat dinner.
    • Learn how to swim.
    • Sing a song.
    • Make a friend.
    • Run outside in the rain.
    • Climb a mountain.
  • What is the difference between feeling brave and being brave?
  • Can the following be brave? Why or why not?
    • Babies
    • Ducks
    • Cats
    • Books
    • Chairs
    • Birds
    • Plants
    • Paintings
    • Cars
    • Ideas
    • Feelings
    • Songs
  • In the story, Frog and Toad say that they are not afraid. How do they know?
  • What can make you afraid?
    • A movie
    • A song
    • A lion
    • Wind
    • A person
    • The dark
    • Water
    • A picture
    • A thought

This lesson plan can be used in a classroom or online.

You can use either the physical version of the story, found in Lobel’s Frog and Toad Together, or this Claymation version is an excellent option if you are looking for an alternative to reading the story aloud.