We are also happy to announce that we are extending the PLATO Toolkit Competition. So, keep sending in your lesson plans for a chance to win the $100 cash prize! Share your wealth of knowledge with our community!


Congratulations to Ghoncheh Azadeh (University of California, Santa Cruz) for being the first winner of the PLATO Toolkit Competition! With the recent rise in debate about restroom accessibility, sexual harassment, and workplace rights, we hope to help young people better understand themselves, others, and the nuances of the social world around them. “On Gender Identity,” by Ghoncheh Azadeh, is a lesson plan that can be adapted to various age groups (K-12) and gets them started in thinking about the difference between sex and gender, gender stereotypes, and personal identity. Check it out here: https://www.plato-philosophy.org/teachertoolkit/on-gender-identity/


The PLATO Toolkit offers free lesson plans to K-12 teachers on our website (https://www.plato-philosophy.org/teachertoolkit) The competition seeks submissions to add to our collection of tools and lesson plans. The top 5 lesson plans will receive $100 prize and will be featured on our website and via social media. All authors will be given credit for their lesson plans when they are featured on our website. If you already have lesson plans you use, why not share them? Or if you have some ideas in your head, why not write them down for others to use? Everyone wins when we share our knowledge.

Competition Details:

  • The top 5 lesson plans will receive $100 prize award each
  • Limit one award per person.
  • One person can submit as many tools as one likes.
  • Lesson plans must be submitted through the link on the PLATO website (here:https://www.plato-philosophy.org/toolkit-submission/)


  • Submissions must be received by September 15, 2019 EXTENDED
  • Additional winners will be announced in the coming months.

Toolkit Submission Review & Website Posting:

  • Authors will be given credit in the byline at the top of the lesson plan.
  • Submissions may be edited before being posted on the website.
  • Submissions will be evaluated by the Toolkit Committee. Not all submissions will be accepted.
  • Accepted lesson plans may be posted shortly after acceptance (and before winners are announced)
  • Submissions are judged based on quality, creativity, relevance, the ease of use, and the complexity of topic. They must be submitted in the appropriate format for the website, using the online form

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