PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization)
Announces it 2014-15
K-12 Philosophy Teaching Awards


Nominations for the 2014-15 PLATO K-12 Philosophy Teaching Awards are now open.

Summary: PLATO has established three awards to be given annually to K-12 classroom teachers in the U.S. for excellence in teaching philosophy in elementary, middle or high school:

(1)  Matthews Award for Elementary School Teachers

(2)  Lipman-Sharp Award for Middle School Teachers

(3)  Knisely Award for High School Teachers

The aim of the awards is to recognize and reward three teachers for excellence in introducing students to philosophy in elementary, middle and high school.

Each teacher will receive an award of $1,000, a one-year membership in PLATO, and an invitation to speak at the next PLATO Conference.

Eligibility and Criteria:
Eligible candidates are U.S. classroom teachers at the primary and secondary levels who regularly offer philosophy classes or philosophy sessions as part of teaching other classroom subjects.

Deadline: January 31, 2015

Nomination procedure:
The nomination procedure consists of the following:

(1) A letter of nomination that describes the candidate for the award and the importance of his or her contribution to the instructional environment.  Self-nominations will be accepted.

(2) A statement from the candidate of his or her philosophy about teaching philosophy at the pre-college level (1 page).

(3) A description of a philosophy session or sessions taught by the teacher, as follows:

  • A written description of the session or sessions, including the techniques used; OR
  • A sample syllabus or syllabi or lesson plan(s) (no more than 5); OR                 
  • A video of a K-12 philosophy session that the teacher organized and led.

(4) A reflection about the session or sessions described in response to (3) above (no more than 1 page).

Please submit all materials electronically to
The Award Selection Committee may, at its discretion, solicit additional information.


Questions may be directed to  

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