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Philosophy Camps for Youth: Everything You Wanted to Know about Starting, Organizing, and Running a Philosophy Camp

Author: Claire Katz
Year Published: 2021
Description: Philosophy Camps for Youth joins its companion, Growing Up with Philosophy Camp, and contributes to the growing body of literature on pre-college philosophy. Providing sound advice, descriptive activities, and precise details for starting, organizing, and running a philosophy camp for pre-K-12 students, Philosophy Camps for Youth is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in hosting their own philosophy camp. The description of diverse camp models—from half day to full day, from one week to multiple weeks, from day-camp to residential—allows readers to build and foster a camp that fits their instructional needs and institutional support. The inclusion of specific camp activities and contributions by campers discussing the activities and themes that had the biggest impact on them, those interested in starting a philosophy camp get valuable guidance from those who have run successful philosophy camps.