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Growing up with Philosophy Camp

Description: Growing up with Philosophy Camp joins the substantial body of literature that contravenes centuries of thinkers in the history of philosophy who stated emphatically that children either could not or should not engage in philosophical discourse. This book differs from the rest of the literature in that it reveals the extraordinary impact of philosophy camps for pre-college age students (as young as 6 years old through high school). Often only a week in duration, philosophy camp combines the intensity of both summer camp and philosophical dialogue, creating a powerful experience for young people who, contrary to cynical views of “youth today,” desire intellectual engagement. Through the chapters by the staff who facilitate discussions, a university dean who supported the program, and reflections from campers and parents, a recurring theme emerges: philosophy camps build authentic friendship, intellectual community, and an increased awareness of self-identity. Yet the chapters display remarkable diversity by connecting the experience of philosophy camp to questions in the history of philosophy, philosophy’s relationship to artistic creation, and the therapeutic value of philosophical discourse.