PHILOSOPHY FOR CHILDREN has a long tradition of scholarship that should be more widely known. Articles have not always been easy to access and some long-standing journals are now discontinued. The P4C Cooperative thought it would be interesting and useful to select articles from the last thirty years and organise them around significant themes, hoping that this will stimulate new thinking, discussion and writing.

The project is called: If … then? A Compilation Journal for P4C. Each edition will contain a personal selection made by members of the P4C Co-operative. Of course, citations for the articles should use details of the original publication which are provided.

Issue 1: The Community of Inquiry (Available now)

How you can participate
Philosophy for Children is not a finished product; it is not practically and theoretically frozen in time. The journal is a means of carrying on a dialogue. Think of each edition as a conference that is local and free, and that invites your contribution. In fact you might like to use the articles to stimulate face-to-face discussion in your own areas and then publish the results yourselves and/or send them to

So, if you wish, you could collaborate with us in any of the following ways.

  • Send us an email with your short responses and ideas to We will produce a compendium and publish it as an addemdum the journal edition
  • Send an article in response to the theme of an edition. If we like it, we will publish that as part of the journal too.
  • Respond with an audio or video presentation. We can publish (or republish) those too, if you have permission from participants in the recording.
  • Suggest themes for future editions.

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