Grade Level: Preschool

Alive/Not Alive

Materials/Preparation: Before the session, write the names of various beings and things on note cards with one per note card. Examples include: CarrotsFlowersCarsFireDollsWaterDirtA squashed bugRabbits In the session: If the students are in a circle on the rug, place three pieces of paper in the middle of the circle. Write “Alive” on one, “Not Alive” Alive/Not Alive

What Are Your Demands?

Cover of Click, Clack, Moo Cows that type. 3 cows, chickened and duck typing on typewriter

In the book Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin, a group of animals refuse to produce for a farmer until he meets their demands. Read the story together (or watch a read aloud of the book online), then ask the children to make their own list of demands. Give them full freedom What Are Your Demands?

Is it Dessert?

Half an orange and whole orange

Using whatever piece of fruit you have available, ask if that fruit is dessert. With this simple prompt, a rich discussion about the nature of dessert will develop. Is anything you eat after a meal dessert? Is it dessert if you ate it without eating a meal first? Can it be dessert if it is Is it Dessert?

Do You Know You Have Hands?

Hands painted in multi colors

Philosophers question what others take for granted. Asking young people whether they know they have hands (or feet, eyes, or ears) can be a wonderful way to have fun while practicing careful thinking. Start by asking “Do you know you have hands?” If the child responds, “Of course I know I have hands!” you can Do You Know You Have Hands?

For the Birds

Plot Summary: In this short Pixar film, several small birds land on a telephone wire and commence chattering and annoying one another. When a large bird lands nearby and seeks out their company, the smaller birds stop their bickering and turn as one against the large bird. Their attempts to make him leave their wire For the Birds

On Friendship

child-like drawing of a girl and boy

Materials needed Index cards Whiteboard and several different colored dry erase markers   Description Pass out one index card to each student. Instruct the students to draw, without using representations of people (including stick figures, faces, and the like), a creative representation of a good friendship. Have the students then discuss their drawings in small On Friendship

Different Perspectives Game

One of the important things that the study of philosophy teaches us is how to examine the world from a variety of different perspectives. When we read and study the writings of classic and contemporary philosophers, we are given new ways of looking at the world that broaden our own perspectives on reality. Consequently, it’s Different Perspectives Game

Can animals make music?

3 monkeys playing musical instruments

We all love music.  Some of us sing daily, if just to ourselves.  It could be our favorite tune from Frozen or simply a tune we made up ourselves.  What makes sound music?  Let’s start with ourselves. The teacher/facilitator may wish to share this video and have the children sing along or they may choose Can animals make music?