Claudia Mills’ latest book Fractions = Trouble! is about Wilson, who is having trouble with math in his third grade classroom, and so his parents hire a math tutor to help him. Embarrassed by this, Wilson is determined to keep it a secret from everyone at school. Wilson’s interactions with his tutor, his brother Kipper, his best friend Josh, and his hamster Pip help Wilson to figure out what really matters to him.

Like all Claudia Mills’ books (she is a philosophy professor at University of Colorado who has written dozens of children’s books), the story is philosophically rich, generating questions about friendship, knowledge of other minds, learning and education, and the nature of happiness. And it’s a great story for figuring out that everyone learns in different ways and that the fact that you don’t understand something right away doesn’t mean that you can’t become good at it!

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Beth Cregan

I look forward to your posts and often purchase the books you feature on the blog. This book sounds like a must for primary kids.