Discussion Question Category: Metaphysics

Infinity and Me

You might also check out the curriculum for the book created by the author: https://khosford.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Infinity-and-Me-guide.pdf

Year We Learned to Fly

What does it mean to fly? What is the relationship between our thoughts and our actions? What is the role of imagination in facing difficulties and envisioning change? What is the nature of time? What relationships do we have to our ancestors and to future generations? How are values adopted across generations? Read Aloud by Year We Learned to Fly

I Am the Dog

Cover of book I am the dog. Illustration of boy and dog face to face.

What are the benefits and downsides to being a human? What are the benefits and downsides to being a dog? Max and Jacob decide that being a dog is better than being a human. Does that seem right to you? Are all dogs’ lives the same? Are all humans’ lives the same? If you could I Am the Dog

Worm Loves Worm

Draw what you imagine you might wear on your wedding day. Why did you draw what you did? Are you a girl? A boy? Neither? How do you know? Can you be both the bride and the groom in a wedding? How about neither? Why? What is love? How do you know you love someone? Worm Loves Worm

Little Match Girl

What makes someone poor? Why is the little girl so poor? Is it the girl’s responsibility to provide money for her family? Whose responsibility is it? Did the little girl choose to dream about the large iron stove? Do we choose what we dream about? Is she dreaming of the stove and dinner or is Little Match Girl


How much of your personality and beliefs come from your parents? What parts of us are important to who we are? What parts aren’t as important? What kinds of things can we gain and learn from making friends with different kinds of people? Are we necessarily more like the people we look like? What kind Gaston

Dream Keeper

What are dreams? What are some different kinds of dreams? Is it important to have dreams? What are ways that people can hold fast to dreams? How could a dream die? How could a dream go? What are your dreams? How do you hold fast to them? Have you ever had a dream die? Here Dream Keeper

Pout-Pout Fish

How is one destined to be glum or happy? Is there destiny? Why do people feel so uncomfortable around an unhappy person? Is it wrong to be gloomy? Does one have the right to be unhappy? How does the kiss help Pout-Pout Fish to become cheerful? Is it okay to kiss someone you don’t know? Pout-Pout Fish

Little Brute Family

What is happiness? What is joy? What is sadness? What is a good feeling? Is a good feeling the same as happiness? Is a bad feeling the same as sadness? What makes you happy? What makes you feel good? What makes you sad? What makes you feel bad? Activity: After the discussion, you can bring in Little Brute Family