Discussion Question Category: Ethics

Freedom Soup

Warm-up questions (optional): Questions for after reading the story: Before discussions that might touch on social justice issues, read “Things to Think About.” Contributed by Sam Sandoval, University of Washington

Last Stop on Market Street

Cover illustration for Matt de la Pena's picture book Last Stop on Market Street

CJ and his nana have a weekly routine. Are routines important? Why? Why is it important to understand the ways in which people are different from each other? Why is it important to understand the ways in which people are the same? Does having more things make people happier? Why? Why do people help other Last Stop on Market Street


What feelings/thoughts do you have about this story? Why do we think the girl is “wild”? What makes her “wild”? Have you ever had a time you felt like the Wild Girl? Can you describe it? What was that experience like? What does it mean to behave “wrongly”? What does your “wild girl wild space” Wild

I Am the Dog

Cover of book I am the dog. Illustration of boy and dog face to face.

What are the benefits and downsides to being a human? What are the benefits and downsides to being a dog? Max and Jacob decide that being a dog is better than being a human. Does that seem right to you? Are all dogs’ lives the same? Are all humans’ lives the same? If you could I Am the Dog

Frog and Toad, “Cookies”

What is willpower? Is it important to have willpower? Is willpower ever a bad thing? Are there situations where having willpower would be problematic? Frog says willpower is about “trying hard not to do something that you really want to do.” Do you ever need willpower to stop doing something you do not want to Frog and Toad, “Cookies”

Frog and Toad – “Alone”

Is there a difference between being alone and being lonely? What is helpful about spending time alone? What is challenging about spending time alone? Like Toad, do we often assume that people are upset when they want to be alone? Why? Is it possible to be alone together? The turtle is very honest with Toad Frog and Toad – “Alone”

Charlotte’s Web

Fern asks her father if he would have killed her if she had been born small. He replies that there is a difference between a human child and a pig. Is he right? Is it a difference that makes it right to kill pigs but wrong to kill humans? Why are some lives considered more Charlotte’s Web

You Are Stardust

What is nature? Are we a part of nature or are we outside of it? What is our relationship to the rest of the natural world? Are we connected or disconnected? If we are connected, or a part of the natural world, what implications does this have on the way we treat it? Do we You Are Stardust