Discussion Question Category: Animal Rights

Charlotte’s Web

Fern asks her father if he would have killed her if she had been born small. He replies that there is a difference between a human child and a pig. Is he right? Is it a difference that makes it right to kill pigs but wrong to kill humans? Why are some lives considered more Charlotte’s Web

Who is the Beast?

Are all animals beasts? What makes something a beast? Are the people in this room beasts? Can we have beasts inside of us? (In our mind, actions, thoughts, fears, etc.) Why do we think things that scare us are bad? Have you ever thought you were really different from someone else, and then realized that Who is the Beast?

My Father’s Dragon

If you were Elmer, would you have gone to Wild Island? How could the animals have a revolution? What do you think would cause a revolution? Do you think it is a good idea to befriend stray animals? What do you think Elmer’s parents thought when he did not come home? Imagine that you could My Father’s Dragon

Standing Up to Mr. O

Should all of our views be consistent? For example, if we say we love animals, does that mean we can’t eat meat? Do animals have rights? Is not feeling comfortable doing something a good reason not to do it? Are we always required to do what authorities tell us to do? When is it acceptable Standing Up to Mr. O

Boodil My Dog

How do we know what we know? Do our perceptions lead to knowledge? Should be believe what other people tell us? If we do, does this mean we know those things? When should we believe what other people tell us? Do animals have minds? Do animals have thoughts? Can you be friends with an animal?

Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

Is there a difference between solitude and loneliness? If so, what is it? Does having a friend mean never being lonely? Can you be lonely and with other people? Can you have solitude and be with other people? Do we have moral obligations to all other living creatures? Some of them? Some more than others? Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse