Discussion Question Category: Aesthetics

Hello, Red Fox

Why do we perceive colors the way we do? Why is red red? Green? Yellow? Black? White? Who do you think is seeing the party guests correctly, Mama Frog or Little Frog? Why? How can we be sure that the colors that we are seeing are the correct ones? How can we be sure that Hello, Red Fox

Extraordinary Egg

How do the words and drawings together tell the story? What feelings do the drawings create? How do drawings create feelings? Would the story be the same without the drawings? The words? Why does Jessica believe her fellow frog when told the alligator is a chicken? Why does she continue to believe it even when Extraordinary Egg

Emma’s Rug

What did the rug mean to Emma? What did she see in it? How did throwing away everything in her room help Emma to see these things again? Does what Emma sees come from inside her, from the outside world, or both? Why did Emma losing the rug cause her to stop seeing these things? Emma’s Rug


Does Emma’s artistic inspiration come from inside her? What role does memory play in art? Is the way each of us sees the world unique? Are we then all artists, or does being an artist require some expression of our perspective? Can expressing ourselves through art change the way we feel about ourselves? What is Emma

Emily’s Art

Is this judge qualified to judge an art contest? What makes someone qualified to evaluate works of art? Is the opinion of someone who knows very little about art as valuable as the opinion of someone who has pursued an art education? If the judge in Emily’s Art says paintings of dogs are not art Emily’s Art

Color of His Own

What would it be like to change colors? Would you feel different each time you turned a new color? What things come in different colors? Say if the following things come in different colors and then, if they do, say what colors they come in. Dogs. Ice cream. The sky. Flowers. Grass. Water. Fire. People. Color of His Own


Can we listen with our eyes? Is it possible to listen without using our ears? What does it mean to listen? Does silence enhance our ability to listen? Can music be silent? Contributed by Gobe Hirata


Can what we wear affect us? How does that happen? How do we respond to certain clothing, certain textures, lengths of fabrics, colors? Are certain thoughts possible in some attire that are more difficult to conceive of in other attire? Do we wear clothing to reflect our current mood or perhaps to give us some Coat