Executive Committee

Allison Cohen, chair
Committee Members:
  • Allison Cohen, President
  • Wendy Turgeon, Vice-President
  • Kelly Laas, Secretary
  • Stephen Miller, Treasurer
  • Michael Burroughs, Immediate Past President
  • Jana Mohr Lone, Founding President
  • Roberta Israeloff, Squire Family Foundation Representative
  • Composed of board officers

  • Exercise board responsibilities, if necessary, between board meetings, including working with the Development and Communications Coordinators to manage PLATO’s day-to-day work (for fuller description of officer and Executive Committee responsibilities, see bylaws)

Finance Committee

Stephen Miller, chair
Committee Members:
  • Jana Mohr Lone

  • Allison Cohen


  • Oversee preparation of annual budget

  • Create and monitor organization’s Finance Plan

  • Recommend to the board any necessary financial guidelines

  • Assist Treasurer in setting up accounting procedures and monitoring financial transactions

Development Committee

Jana Mohr Lone, chair
Committee Members:
  • Roberta Israeloff
  • Stephen Miller

  • Janice Moskalik

  • Debi Talukdar


  • Create and oversee organization’s fund development initiatives and involve board members in development efforts

  • Develop strategies to advance PLATO’s visibility

  • Administer and expand PLATO’s sponsorship program

  • Oversee PLATO’s membership program, including developing strategies for increasing PLATO’s membership, enhanced member benefits, and stewardship of existing members

  • Manage the development and administration of the PLATO Philosophy Fund

Education Committee

Stephen Miller and Thomas Wartenberg, chair
Committee Members:

Toolkit Subcommittee:

  • William Mottolese
  • Joseph Murphy
  • Chris Ng - Chair
  • Hamad Al Rayes
  • Ariel Sykes
  • Thomas Wartenberg


Teacher Training Subcommittee:

  • Ben Faulkner
  • Erik Kenyon
  • Benjamin Lukey
  • Stephen Miller - Chair
  • Wendy Turgeon
  • Developing an online pre-college philosophy workshop

  • Working with regional centers to support their teacher-education and other education programs, including college pre-college philosophy courses and dual high school/college enrollment philosophy courses

  • Responsible for developing online resources and virtual networks

  • Coordinate the biennial AAPT Teaching and Learning Seminar

Conference Committee

Michael Burroughs, chair
Committee Members:
  • Allison Cohen
  • Kate Goldyn
  • Roberta Israeloff
  • Jana Mohr Lone
  • Ariel Sykes
  • John Torrey
  • Responsible for organizing the biennial conference, including logistics, choice of theme, creating a call for presentation proposals and evaluating the proposals, etc.

  • If the committee chair does not live at the location of the conference, the chair will work with the onsite coordinator to manage all of the conference details.

Questions Journal Committee

Wendy C. Turgeon, chair
Committee Members:
  • Wendy Turgeon, Editor-in-Chief
  • Eli Baum
  • Alex Chang
  • Steven Goldberg
  • David Heise
  • >Stephen Miller
  • Jana Mohr Lone (Founder and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus)
  • Janice Moskalik
  • Christiane Wisehart<


  • Rory E. Kraft (Editor-in-Chief Emeritus)
  • Responsible for managing the journal, including recruiting people to serve on the editorial board of Questions, soliciting submissions from K-12 students and teachers and other philosophy educators, and maintaining a regular publication schedule.

  • Work with editorial board to review submissions and edit accepted submissions

  • Develop the journal into a resource-rich publication

P4 Journal Committee

Michael Burroughs, chair
Committee Members:
  • Michael Burroughs, Founding Editor

  • Roberta Israeloff, Editorial Advisor

  • Wendy Turgeon, Associate Editor

  • Kelly Laas, Managing Editor

  • Responsible for managing Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice, including recruiting people to serve on the editorial board, soliciting submissions from scholars, and maintaining an annual publication schedule.

  • Work with editorial board to review submissions and edit accepted submissions