Call for Proposals

Philosophy Across the Generations

APA Eastern Division Meeting

January 5—January 8, 2022

Montreal, Canada

The Philosophy Teaching and Learning Organization (PLATO) seeks panelists for a session on engaging with philosophy across the generations, at the AAPT-APA Teaching Hub at the 2022 APA Eastern Division meeting, January 5—January 8, 2022, in Montreal Canada.

We envision approximately three different presentations on innovative approaches to doing public philosophy across the lifespan and strategies for using philosophy as a vehicle for intergenerational dialogue and encounter: college students working with seniors in their community, teens engaging with adults and children in philosophical discussions and activities. Public philosophy has a growing profile in our polarized society, and talking together across generations about difficult matters and perennial questions has become a critical and all-too-rare skill.

We invite contributions on methods of intergenerational engagement;  one’s own experiences doing intergenerational philosophy; the distinctive need, interest, and value of intergenerational programming; ideas for the topics and modes of inquiry that are particularly well-suited for an intergenerational audience; discussion of the institutional and professional challenges or possibilities for promoting intergenerational philosophy; and areas of overlap with existing work in Philosophy for Children and the philosophy of aging more generally.

Consistent with the ethos of the Teaching Hub, we expect presentations to be short, maybe twenty minutes, so as to both present the programs you have developed but leave sufficient time for audience questions, discussion, and possibly an activity. We will appreciate proposals which include concrete ideas about how to make the session interactive.

Submissions: Proposals of no more than 500 words, prepared for anonymous review, should be sent to Roberta Israeloff,, by July 31, 2021. Use the subject line “APA-E/PLATO Proposal.” Please include a brief explanation of both your approach to developing your program/activity and your own experiences doing so. Supporting material, such as syllabi or handouts, is also welcome. We are interested in ensuring representation of a range of voices. We expect to select presenters by early August.

Submit Proposals to: Roberta Israeloff,

Email Subject Line: APA-E/PLATO Proposal

Deadline for Proposals          7/31/2021.

Selection of Presenters         early August

If you have any questions about the session, please feel free to contact Roberta Israeoff,

The AAPT-APA Teaching Hub is a series of interactive workshops and conversations designed specifically for philosophers and created to celebrate teaching within the context of the APA divisional meetings. Jointly organized by the APA Committee on the Teaching of Philosophy and the American Association of Philosophy Teachers, the Teaching Hub aims to offer a range of high quality and inclusive development opportunities that address the teaching of philosophy at all levels, pre-college though graduate school.

A stable version of the call will live on the CTP page of the APA website:, where you can find additional information about other Teaching Hub calls, the Committee on Teaching Philosophy’s Facebook page, and the Committee’s activities, which include the administration of the 2022 Prize for Excellence in Philosophy Teaching, the nominations for which are due on August 5, 2021.




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