Call for abstracts for: Philosophy for Children Forebears edited by Maughn Rollins Gregory and Megan Jane Laverty

From the editors of the Philosophy for Children Founders series with Routledge ( In addition to re-evaluating pioneers of the contemporary philosophy for/with children movement, we intend the series to look back to precursors of the movement, to see what can be learned from them that is relevant to our current practice and scholarship in the movement. To that end, we are planning an edited collection of essays that explore particular figures from the past who were involved in one or more of the following:

  • pre-college philosophy education
  • intergenerational philosophical dialogue
  • the empirical study of children’s philosophical thinking

For this project, we intend “children” to include the ages of infancy through and including adolescence. We have in mind figures such as Leonard Nelson in Germany, (If you’ve published on one of these figures already and are willing to obtain permission to resubmit and/or revise that publication for this project, please indicate that in your abstract.)

Abstracts for this project should indicate:

  • The historical (educational, political, and/or philosophical) context within which the figure worked
  • The particular method the figure developed to study or engage children’s philosophical thinking
  • The purpose(s) for which the figure did so, including educational, moral, religious, and other purposes
  • Whether there is an essay by the figure about their work that could be included in the book (perhaps translated and excerpted)

Abstracts should be approximately 750-1000 words in length and include a suggested title and a bibliography of key sources. Please address any questions and send you abstract as a Word file attachment to and by 15 March 2021. Replies will be sent within a month from then.

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