It was a multifaceted experience, rich enough to incur a serious debriefing on the participant’s part.  The balance between one’s exposure to professional philosophers/professors and  PLATO’s own work was a rich experience that inspired one’s professional development and helped in a very personal manner: to come to a better appreciation of philosophy in a historically anti-intellectual society.— Past Seminar Participant

Since 2014, PLATO has sponsored a summer teaching and learning seminar for teachers, librarians, administrators, and other classroom professionals at the American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT)biennial conference. Through readings and interactive experiences over four mornings, seminar participants engage in a community of reflection aimed at developing and improving philosophy teaching in schools. 

Topics include preparing to teach (for example, syllabus design), developing learner-centered philosophy classes, various methods for introducing philosophy, using traditional and non-traditional methods of assessment, and engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Participants are encouraged to attend the regular AAPT Conference sessions each afternoon and evening. In the past, the friendships and collegial relationships built here have been an invaluable part of this experience.

Philosophy Camp! [This seminar} is the opportunity to share pedagogical ideas with like-minded educators while engaging in deep philosophical discussion about the big questions.   I would DEFINITELY recommend it to others, even if they didn’t have a philosophy background.— Past Seminar Participant

This year’s conference will be held at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio (near Columbus), July 27-31. The cost of the conference, except for meals, is covered by PLATO, helped by a generous grant from the American Philosophical Association. PLATO also covers up to $300 in travel costs. 

There is space for up to 15 participants. Applications are due March 25.

More information and the application are available here.

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