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Why PLATO Philosophy Fund?
Nationwide, scant funding exists that is geared specifically for philosophy programs, and, in particular, for programs that bring philosophy outside of colleges and universities to non-traditional settings, including schools, senior centers, libraries, museums, prisons, refugee centers, and public lecture halls.

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PLATO Philosophy Fund Membership
PLATO Philosophy Fund Membership
PLATO Philosophy Fund Membership
PLATO Philosophy Fund Membership

A New Source of Funding
Recognizing the importance of greater access to philosophy for all adults, youth, and children, as well as the scarcity of funds available for philosophy programs, PLATO created the PLATO Philosophy Fund (PPF), which will provide funding for a wide range of innovative philosophy programs with the aim of broadening philosophy’s reach. The expectation is that many of these programs will take place in public and other non-traditional settings.


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For the 2017-18 academic year, a $25,000 challenge grant has been secured from the Squire Family Foundation. We are gratified by the success of our initial PPF membership drive in 2016-17 — 46 institutions joined as PPF Founding Members with membership contributions of $300 or more.

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